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Authentic Outer Banks Buoy Bell

Authentic Outer Banks Buoy Bell

North Country Wind Bells

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Product Description The maker of these bells was a New England lobster-man for many years. He recorded actual bell and gong buoys and cut the steel to match the tones reminiscent of each location. These bells are crafted with a high-grade steel and powder coated with an outside durable finish to endure the weather for years to come. With long term exposure to weather, it will develop a rich rusty color, but will not rust out. You can apply a black outside spray paint on the bell to keep it looking new for years. The bells are designed to hang outdoors year-round, without twisting, tangling, or breaking. The bells can be silenced by pushing the clapper up into the pyramid.  

Surfcasting, beachcombing and beautiful sunrises belie the treacherous fury that the Atlantic ocean can cast upon the shores of the Outer Banks. "Bankers", the hardy people that live on these tenuous strips of land depend on buoys to safeguard their way through inlets and dangerous shoals. Listen to the crystal tones of the Outer Bank Bell, the latest in the Maine Buoy Bells collection.

3 tone, Deep and profound,


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