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Cape Cod Locker Nautical Furniture

April House

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This new furniture is typical of that you would have found along the New England coastline, perhaps Cape Cod. In the 19th Century at a time of large sailing vessels, the era of Colonial Trade. Part of a new series of furniture from Authentic Models. Nantucket style Cabinets and Beach Lockers, you can almost smell the sea. They make efficient use of every square inch of space, they hold towels and sailors scarves, polo gear, golf shoes, books, etc. Air circulates ingeniously throughout these cabinets with features like slatted doors, air vents and woven rattan bottom drawers. Designed to keep things fresh and pleasant. All furniture uses dovetailed joints on the two visible drawer fronts and rabbet/ dado joinery in the two back joints. The actual wood case uses joinery of mortise/ tenon or dowel, so what is visible is only the straight seam line. * Made from cherry and birch woods * Shelf features a fold down door which gives you a writing surface or work space * Slatted doors * Top drawer pulls out and has wood bottom * 2nd drawer is fold down front * 3rd and 4th drawers are pull out with wood bottom * Behind slatted door are 2 drawers with rattan bottom and more storage space below the drawers * Hand rubbed honey finish * Slightly distressed translucent black varnish * Solid bronze hardware 15.75 inches wide by 13.75 inches deep and 47.25 inches tall.