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Chelsea 4.5" Shipstrike Quartz Clock with Screw Bezel with Wood Traditional Base

April House

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Shipstrike nautical clocks use the finest German movements designed for mass production. They strike the traditional ship's bells: One bell for each half hour on a four hour watch at sea. After eight bells, at four, eight, and twelve o'clock, the sequence repeats itself beginning with one bell. A uniquely satisfying way to mark the passage of time. Forged brass, 4.5" Dial, 6.5" High. The bezels are screw threaded. Quartz clock needs no winding. The timekeeping and bell strike are powered by a pair of AA-size batteries. The strike tone is generated electronically and sounds through a small loudspeaker inside the case through slots cut in the bottom of the case. If this clock is mounted on a Chelsea display base (traditional or contemporary) the base tends to cover the slots in the bottom of the case, muffling the sound somewhat. The quartz-regulated movement is highly accurate in timekeeping , however, some listeners may find the tone less distinct than the tone of the mechanical key wound clocks. Others prefer the electronically generated strike. Shown on Traditional mantel base. Available with matching barometers.