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Mova Solar Powered Rotating World Globe 8.5"

April House

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World globe spins silently with no cord or batteries. Solar powered rotation depends on light and the magnetic energy of the earth to keep it spinning effortlessly. The globe is suspended in a clear liquid inside a clear acrylic shell: the liquid reduces friction against the globe, allowing it to rotate continuously and silently at a steady, gentle pace, exactly the way the earth rotates in space. The globe can even be held in the hand and it will continue to spin. The internal mechanism is imperceptible beneath the globe's colorful surface that shows a political map with topographical shading, major cities and countries, and bodies of water labeled. Acrylic base. Height: 12" Globe Diameter: 8.5" Weight: 7 lbs. Available in Antique Ocean or Blue Ocean. A smaller 4.5" version is also available.