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Woodstock Celtic Windchime - Cross

April House

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This bright-sounding Woodstock windchime features a traditional Celtic tuning along with a stunning, cloisonne-style Celtic Cross windcatcher. The metal and colored resin Celtic Cross windcatcher incorporates the most common Celtic knot design, the triquetra. Many speculate the 3 points in the triquetra represent the sun, moon and earth. This is especially fitting for a Celtic Cross, which combines the traditional Christian cross with a Sun Wheel, representing Taranis, the Celtic god of thunder. Enhanced by the traditional Celtic tuning, this chime is cheerful and bright. Teak finish Ash wood, 5 Silver-colored tubes. Genuine stone beads, faux cloisonne windcatcher. Overall Length 17". sound sample To see more Woodstock windchimes: please click here. To see other brands of windchimes: please click here.