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Woodstock Portrait Windchime - Jade

April House

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Tuned to the first notes of the whole tone scale used in Claude DeBussy's Le Mer (The Sea), this windchime has a sensuous tone that offers wonderful harmonies as it is played randomly by the wind. The design is distinguished by the marquise-shaped stone acting as a portrait framed by the oval windcatcher. The rust finish offers a natural beauty that warms up the steel elements with an earthy, brown color and an interesting, weathered texture. This blends beautifully with the bronze-color tubes and together they set off the green stone accent to great advantage, giving the chime a natural and warm look. Teak finish Ash wood, 4 bronze anodized aluminum tubes, rust finish steel windcatcher, genuine stone accents. Total Length: 22.5" sound sample To see more Woodstock windchimes: please click here. To see other brands of windchimes: please click here.